Skyscape CloudLink

Search Skyscape Resources with CloudLink

Skyscape CloudLink uses the Elasticsearch engine based on the Lucene library. Instantly search all available resources for key-words or strings.

Search results are ranked by relevance score.

HL7 Infobutton API

Search Results Tailored to Your Individual Patients.

The HL7 Infobutton facilitates quick access to Skyscape content relevant to your patient’s specific disease, condition, medication, lab results, and contextual information. With HL7 Infobutton embedded in the patient record, clinicians see targeted search results in seconds, keeping the focus on the patient.

The Skyscape HL7 Infobutton search supports the following coding systems:

  • ICD (ICD9-CM, ICD10-CM)
  • SNOMED-CT (Clinical Terms used in Documentation and Reporting)
  • RxNorm (Normalized names for clinical drugs)
  • MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)
  • NDC (National Drug Code) LONIC for patient lab results

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LMS Integration

LMS Integration

Institutions and embed “CloudLink search” link to Learning Management System (LMS) giving students instant access licensed resources. Contact us for more information